World's Best Strawberries

Did you know ? That we only use First Class Strawberries brought straight from the fields into our store. Our strawberries are dipped for you every 30 minutes OR LESS in store. We take pride in having the best chocolate strawberries, you simply cant get that anywhere.   

Fall Favs

So many sweet choices, are 

coming to our menu this fall. 

So whether it is for you or someone else, you do not want to miss these delicious items!

Coming Soon...

Proudly Served...

We are the


of Chocolate Covered Strawberries

You read that right !

Brought straight from the fields into our store, we dip the freshest, organic strawberries in decadent chocolate just for YOU. 

Did we mention, 

we can customize them?

P.S. You can also walk in. 

            You're Welcome. 

Instagram's Favorite Cake

Our Best Selling Cake is a picture perfect cutout monogram cake. Topped with whipping, fresh flowers, chocolate strawberries, and other desserts. 

The cutest way to make a statement!

Yes, you CAN sit with us.

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